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Chiaka Osaka
Patched Scales

Patched scales

January 15 (Sat.)-  February 12 (Sat.), 2022

"Patched Scales"  


Acrylic, oil, colored pencil on hemp cloth and panel

194.0 x 521.2cm 

This series has depicted a puddle after the rain. The uncolored flower parts suggest the figure of the world that we take for granted. However, by coloring the flowers reflected in a puddle beautifully, Shigeta tries to express that we have more possibilities than we expect.  Even if you think it is a single rose, there are other flowers, birds, and butterflies. It is full of vitality beyond the boundaries of various lives. 
Colored with colored pencils, it amplifies the energy more than the figures drawn only with lines. The water droplets dripping from flowers are reminiscent of tears, but you could feel hope in the light and colorfulness that shines through them.
This is a kind of “awareness” series that we realized our possibilities that we had never thought of before and feel hope. 

Words that I thought were alive came in from my ears and blamed me in print

By describing the house, and the puddle that reflects various different motifs, Shigeta figuratively expresses that the house has a possibility that the house might be able to be anything like a cat or flowers. Also, the shadows of those motifs on the puddle are different shapes from the real. It suggests that there is a new possibility in the future even though it’s not clearly visible now. 
This is introspective work that consciously looks at ourselves, notices that we have rigid thought or an obsessive-compulsive concept like “we have to be…” from the words surrounding people, and try to know ourselves better.

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