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Ayako Okuda

February 27 (Sat), - March 27 (Sat), 2021​


Before the restrictions on outing due to the COVID-19, I started to take a walk in the neighborhood.

I have depicted the wide seas and large mountains that I saw in my trips, but I realized that there are many motifs that I want to draw in familiar places when I walked around slowly. It’s a pity that I can’t travel far, but I appreciate that I had a lot of free time, so I was able to collect a lot of nearby scenery.

Arranging humans in the familiar landscapes in my paintings, I can feel the size of the world we live in more realistically. How big is one human being in this society? I think the size of a person’s existence to me is completely different from the one to someone else. Also, the size of my existence might be different depending on the person, the situation, and the time.

It’s an inconvenient circumstance that we can’t go and meet my friends and family freely.  I attempt to leave the feeling I can experience only because of this situation in my paintings.


Ayako Okuda, 2021

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