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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

About the relationship between the work and the text


I use leaves as a motif, like the lines of a drama, and make prints, oil paintings, watercolors, and other techniques.


In recent years, we have also announced leaves, which are motifs, as texts, but they are not placed next to the work as in captions, but are made into an independent object.

First, write the words on paper with a brush that matches the image of the fictitious person who spoke the words. I dare to transfer it to a plate, reprint it on a medium that the person is likely to use, such as a notebook, and make it independent as a text.

I use prints at this time because of indirectness. Unlike writing directly on the medium, prints go through the plate between writing and finishing. Even if it is a stage that depicts everyday life, its indirectness changes from real to fiction so that it becomes unreal when it becomes a play. The words used as motifs are just fictitious contents that I created, so I had to go through the edition to suppress the vivid reality created by handwriting.

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