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Naomi Okubo

Uncertain Home, Transparent Body

Oct. 14 - Nov. 18, 2023


大久保 如彌


2023年10月14日 -  11月18日


GALLERY MoMo Ryogoku is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Naomi Okubo entitled "Uncertain Home, Transparent Body" from October 14 to November 18.

Since her early years, Okubo has been working on the theme of delicate relationships with others, depicting the inner life of an impressionable young girl. By depicting the girls hiding their faces in her motifs, the viewer can relate to the girl in her works as if she were the viewer or a woman close to the viewer.

In recent years, she has attempted to create works that reflect a cross-section of contemporary society by examining the functions and meanings of guise and decoration in human relationships and their relevance to society, based on her own experiences. As her interest in themes of a strong social nature is deepening amidst the changing relationships with others, Okubo's works do not directly express strong messages, just as various issues are buried within society, while retaining their delicate and vivid depictions. However, the beautifully painted decorations and the multiple, sometimes patterned appearances of the same person on the screen evoke in the viewer a strange feeling and some sense of unease, giving the work a duality.

In this exhibition, Okubo will present works that question the role of women and "femininity" as derived from old feudalistic ideas, based on the discomfort she has felt in her own "home" and "family" and the relationship between the two.

The values taught in the small world of the home are often all that is available to children who have not yet entered society. As they interact with others, they face a variety of issues as they establish themselves, but many of them may have experienced being bound by the verbal images and roles that have categorized them. Many women suffer from the "femininity" imprinted on them by their own families and society, but they are unable to escape the spell and often unconsciously pass it on to the people around them and the next generation.

Using sewing, which used to bind women to their homes and at the same time functioned as a means of independence and expression, in her work, Okubo seems to question old systems and values while suggesting such invisible discomfort and dilemmas that have long existed within herself.

In addition, her three-dimensional works made of glass, a delicate and easily scratched material, require many processes, and all of these processes of production also give us a sense of the length of time it takes for various issues to surface as problems and the depth of their roots, which cannot be seen with a quick glance.

The works created by Okubo raise questions to the viewer, extending the problems that arise from the society of the small house to gender issues that have not moved forward easily in Japanese society. Please come and see her three-dimensional works, which she has attempted to develop in a new way along with her paintings.

Naomi Okubo was born in Tokyo in 1985, and received her MFA from Musashino Art University in 2011. She was selected for the Shell Art Award Exhibition in 2005, and won the Tokyo Wonder Wall Award in 2007. She has participated in the Asian Student and Young Artists Art Festival in Seoul, Korea, and has exhibited abroad at A.STYALE Gallery (Hong Kong), Gallerie Christoffer Egelund (Denmark), and ELSA GALLERY (Taiwan) and participated in an artist residency program in Varberg, Sweden, and held a solo exhibition there. Later, her works were in collection in Hallands Konstmuseum, a Swedish art museum. Okubo lived and worked in New York from 2017 to 2019 under the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Overseas Study Program for Emerging Artists, and then continued her stay under the Yoshino Gypsum Foundation's Overseas Study Program, returning to Japan in 2020.


Artist's Comment

When I sew prickly, I am reminded of my childhood.

I had been taught to cook and sew at home since I was a child. For a while, all I had in my school bag was a sewing kit, and neither of these things bothered me. However, when I recall being forced to wear girly clothes and being severely scolded for cutting my hair short because it looked like a boy's, I now think that there must have been an unconscious intention to teach me these things. When I realized this, I felt bewildered.

Sewing has kept women tied to their homes for a long time, but at the same time, the acquisition of skills has given them the power to be independent, and needlework has been one of the few means of expression.

In recent years, "handicrafts," which have become peripheral, have come into the spotlight, and people's complex feelings toward "home" and "family" have come to be expressed in various ways.

Why is it that time spent sewing with a needle is still so important in our lives?

Such a question is the starting point of this project.

Naomi Okubo, 2023

 GALLERY MoMo Ryogoku では10月14 日(土)から11月18 日(土)まで大久保 如彌(おおくぼ なおみ)の個展「不確かな家、透明なからだ」を開催します。

 大久保如彌は、1985年東京都生まれ、2011年武蔵野美術大学大学院修士課程修了。2005年にシェル美術賞展に入選、2007年にはトーキョーワンダーウォール賞を受賞しました。その後韓国、ソウルで開催されたAsian Student and Young Artists Art Festivalに参加、A.STYALE Gallery (香港)、Gallerie Christoffer Egelund(デンマーク)、ELSA GALLERY(台湾)など海外での展示を重ね、スウェーデン、ヴァールベリでのアーティストレジデンスプログラムに参加し、現地で個展を開催。その後、スウェーデンの美術館Hallands Konstmuseumにも作品が収蔵されました。文化庁新進芸術家海外研修制度にて2017年から2019年にニューヨークに滞在、その後、公益財団法人吉野石膏美術振興財団の在外派遣研修制度にて滞在を続け、2020年に帰国しました。





 今回、女性を家に縛りつけると同時に、自立の手段でもあり、表現の手段としても機能していた裁縫を作品に用いることで、そういった自分自身の中に長く存在する目に見えない違和感やジレンマを示唆しながら、古い制度や価値観へ疑問を呈しているようです。  また、繊細で簡単に傷が入りやすい素材であるガラスの立体作品は、多くの工程を経なければならず、そう言った制作の工程全てが、様々な問題が問題として表面化していく時間の長さやパッと見ただけではわからない根の深さも感じさせます。










2023年 大久保如彌

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