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June 6 - August 8, 2020

vol.2 / June 30 - July 18


“What seems to move, that is”

In May 2020, the scenery where people disappeared from the city was inorganic and murderous.
The greenery and flowers of the roadside trees that I was used to seeing became even more colorful, and I strongly felt the seasons.
From the flowers that flow without staying in the hands of humans, the speed of the flowering season and the transition of various acts are expressed.

Yukio Ikeda


Sachiho Ikeda

The things look like moving is…


Acrylic on canvas

31.8 x 41.0cm

46.0 x 46.0 inch

JPY 68,000- (+Tax )


Sachiho Ikeda



Acrylic on canvas

27.3 x 22.0cm

10.7 x 8.6 inch

JPY 43,000- (+Tax )


“Automatic Line”

The series of Automatic Line is drawn by a machine called CNC.
CNC is a machine that has been widely used in industrial fields such as factories for a long time. Familiar things are similar to printers.
Using machines is only the choice of tools, but our lives are made up of such industrial machines. Being in such a lifestyle is one of the reasons for choosing a machine.
The components of the painting are no exception, and most of the cloth, crates, paints and tools are made by machine. That is a fact, and it requires the labor of people that cannot be imagined even if it is mass production. Even if the facts are trivial, but how they were made is very confusing and very confusing.


Furuhata Tomoki


Tomoki Furuhata

Automatic Line No. 0052


Acrylic on cotton cloth

73.0 x 73.0cm

28.7 x 28.7 inch

JPY 140,000- (+Tax )


Tomoki Furuhata

Automatic Line No. 0030


Acrylic on cotton cloth

46.0 x 46.0cm

18.1 x 18.1 inch

JPY 70,000- (+Tax )