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June 6 - August 8, 2020


Yosuke Kobashi


Yosuke Kobashi

Tulip with Dangling Neck and Horse


Oil on canvas

46.0 x 46.0 inch

116.7 x 116.7cm

JPY 690,000- (+Tax )


Yosuke Kobashi

Tulip Bird


Oil on canvas

23.8 x 35.8 inch

60.5 x 91.0cm

JPY 400,000- (+Tax )

This painting is one of the “Particles of Light” series that represented at my solo exhibition at McClain Gallery in Huston last fall. 
I depicted the white light-emitting particles on the gold background in a bidirectional way that can be seen as aggregate or discrete.
By making the background texture smooth at the bottom of the screen, the work gives the impression of a calm water surface. 
It is the area that separates this world and the other world. Also, the particles of white light remind us of the souls of the primal life and place where they return or are born.

Katsumi Hayakawa


Katsumi Hayakawa

Place for Reborn


Effective pigment, acrylic on panel

59.0 x 94.4 inch

150.0 x 240.0cm

JPY 2,500,000- (+Tax )