Shinnosuke Yoshida

August 14 (Sat) --September 11 (Sat), 2021


HD Video / Stereo sound
Edition of 10

I think the world I can see from my small movements, wearing a mask and just going around among Nippori where I live, Ueno where I work, and the Internet, is really like a silhouette.

It seems that I need to stay inside of myself for a while yet.

From there, I look into the PERISCOPE like drawing circles every day.

Amid happening big news in a row, I'm bothered by how I cook the chicken, teriyaki or cutlet II_latest ver.oil

2018 - 2021
Oil on canvas
259.0 x 194.0 cm

I finished and showed this work once in 2018. 

The title of this work, “Amid happening big news in a row, I'm bothered by how I cook the chicken, teriyaki or cutlet,” was the whole sentence of the tweet my acquaintance posted on Twitter at 9:08 pm on February 14, 2017. On this day, many Japanese mass media reported the news that Kim Jong-Nam, the big brother of Kim Jong-il who is the leader of North Korea, was assassinated in Malaysia.  

When I looked up at the real world from the phone screen reported the news, I found my own daily life such as doing laundry, having meals, and thinking about my own life. I turned my eyes back to my phone again, then I found the tweet. 


I wanted to put the inspiration I got from the moment into work, and I represented the work at my last solo exhibition in 2017. 


In June 2017, the US-North Korea summit meeting was held in Singapore, and media began to make noise again. I wanted to make another work of the spectacle happing on the surface of the media and the existence of my personal life at the same time. So, I created a new version of the painting.


After that, this work had storage in my studio for a while, but I wanted to update this painting when the pandemic by COVID-19 have changed the way people and their lives around the world in 2020. 


The huge change is as if the data I played was overwritten on the different games. I literally overwrote the latest version and keep the concept of “Amid happening big news in a row, I'm bothered by how I cook the chicken, teriyaki or cutlet.” 

It is also like new formations have been created.    


One of the things I wanted to express in this work may be stuffy. 

Suffocation, we feel when we can only see the fragments and cannot see through the overall picture. 

The suffocation, like being buried in the stratum. 

Suffocation, like being covered with noise.

Room with Plants - Fire on the Opposite Shore

2019 - 2020
Oil on lawn cloth, rabbit-skin glue
162.0 x 162.0 cm