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Momoko Yamada | A Planet

January 27 (Sat) - March 2 (Sat), 2024

Reception for the Artist : January 27 (Sat) 17:00 - 19:00


Installation View

Open: Tuesday – Saturday 12 pm – 7 pm

Closed on Sunday, Monday, National holiday

GALLERY MoMo Projects/Roppongi is pleased to present the first solo exhibition at our gallery by Momoko Yamada, entitled "A Planet,"  from January 21st (Sat.) through March 2nd (Sat.), 2024.

Momoko Yamada was born in 1995. She graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2021 and completed her M.A. in the Printmaking Research Field at the school in 2023. Yamada has received high praise since her student days, winning the Excellence Award at the National University Print Exhibition in 2020, and has been actively participating in solo and group exhibitions. This exhibition will showcase copperplate prints and cloisonné works, which Yamada has primarily worked on in the past.

The title of the exhibition, "A Planet," is derived from the imagery where each piece symbolizes a small world. Yamada identifies a commonality in her meticulous depiction within the limited space across different techniques of copperplate prints and cloisonné. Throughout her creative process, words and phrases emerge as she paints, evolving into new images, fostering narratives through this iterative process, and constructing unique settings and characters. The labor-intensive production process allows ample time for contemplation, enriching the depth of her works through the interplay of painting, words, and imagery.

In her works, Yamada portrays worlds governed by unique rules constructed from colors and shapes, inspired by real-life experiences. These worlds, unfolding narratives based on their own laws, diverge from the reality we know. Crafting alternate worlds brings joy to Yamada, offering her another realm of existence. Furthermore, her perspective of finding warmth in materials such as wood, glass, and metal evokes reminiscences of past times and people's lives, intending to depict the stories embedded within the materials themselves. 
We invite you to explore the layered narratives woven within these small-scale works.


Artist Comment
In the paintings, there are trees that eat horses, leaves shaped like birds, two girls diving into the sea, and creatures linking together to form sounds, creating a reality that's a bit different from our own.
I think each artwork is like a small planet with its own code.
Each one becomes "a certain star" and seems to exist freely within the rules of that star.

Momoko Yamada, 2024


1995    Born in Tokyo, Japan
2021    B.F.A., Painting,  Tokyo University of the Arts
2023    M.F.A., Print, Tokyo University of the Arts
[Solo exhibition]    
2020    Gallery Jun, Tokyo
[Group exhibition]    
2023    "SHIBUYA STYLE vol.17" SEIBU SHIBUYA Art Gallery, Tokyo
            "Square The Double" FLEW GALLERY, Tokyo
            "Waltz of Gentle Stories" Artspace Ginga101, Tokyo
            "New Perspective" Gallery Jun, Tokyo
2022    "G7" B-gallery, Tokyo
2021    "Desk Drawer Full of Prints", Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Art Praza, Tokyo
2023    Selected to "The 66th CWAJ Print Show”
2021    Selected to "FEI PRINT AWARD”
            Selected to "Kanae Yamamoto Print Grand Prix Competition”
2020    Excellent Prize at "The 45th Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking"
2023    Minamishimabara-shi Art Village, Shirakino
[Public Collections]    
Minamishimabara City


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