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Mizuki Shigeta  "The Flowering of Awakening"

​August 21 (Sat), - September 18 (Sat), 2021

GALLERY MoMo Projects is pleased to represent a solo exhibition of Mizuki Shigeta entitled The Flowering of Awakening from Saturday, August 21st through Saturday, September 18th.

Her early paintings that were the Japanese comic touch with exquisite brush strokes and pop colors got many people’s attention. Borrowing the idea of the coloring book, Shigeta drew unique and soft lines. The mix of the typical motifs like trees and landscapes with realistic touch and the objects in the everyday life or portraits with animation touch made surrealistic yet realistic.

Recently, Shigeta has developed her interest in Japanese bird-and-flower paintings from the 13th century to the 17th century and learned their hints, their presence, and their sensitive eyes to the things that have changed. She likes the old fashion illustrations and toys for children, and she uses them for her expression way as a symbol of the innocent. Bringing the thoughts into the motif of untouched plants in her latest works, Shigeta shows her respect to the happiness that these motifs brought and the ancient Japanese bird-and-flower paintings. This is not just a copy of the style.

In this exhibition, Shigeta will show the latest works with colored pencils on paper. Shigeta went back to her early works like coloring book series, she integrates the expression way of the comic-like light that she used in paintings in the latest works. Shigeta said that she is interested in human bodies that try to live, and attempts to depict the important elements for humans to live naturally. As a result, the colors of the animals and plants as motifs in the works are richer and gentle, and the works show more blessing to the power of life.


Mizuki Shigeta was born in Kanagawa in 1980. After graduated from Musashino Art University in 2002, she had joined in Tokyo Wonder Wall Prize Exhibition and a group show in Taipei.

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