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June 6 - August 8, 2020

Open : Tuesday - Saturday  11am - 7pm / Closed on Sunday, Monday and National holiday


June 6 - 27, 2020

Yosuke Kobashi, Katsumi Hayakawa, Miwa Ishiba, Kotori Kawashima, Eisuke Sato, Shoko Fujimori, Naomi Okubo

June 30 - July 18, 2020

Sachiho Ikeda, Tomoki Furuhata, Waka Yoshida, Yoshiko Fukushima, Shinnosuke Yoshida, Jaye Moon, Masumi Sakamoto, Masahiro Masuda, Shunsuke Taira

July 21 - August 8, 2020

Tokuro Sakamoto, Motoki Hitomi, Kumiko Muroi, Mizuki Shigeta, Ryoko Takahashi, Ryuta Otake, Yu Ichino, Akito Nakai, Ayano Kaeba, Takunori Nakata

GALLERY MoMo has been closed since April 7th due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but we have decided to reopen the gallery again. Considering the COVID-19 situation, we extend the solo exhibitions we had planned this year. Instead of that, we would like to have a group show. 

The pandemic that has spread across countries and into the world forces us to quarantine for a long time and give us anxiety. On the other hand, many people who were overwhelmed by their work have faced their lives and tried to live simply during the long quarantine. For us, this was a good opportunity to rethink how we run the gallery and go back to our first mission and plans this group exhibition entitled “Reflection”. 

Many exhibitions at museums and galleries, which we thought we could visit anytime, were ended or canceled before the planned exhibition term due to the influence of the COVID-19. We realized how important to cherish the “now.” Also, we realized that it is important to experience and appreciate the artworks and exhibitions even though we could see the artworks in the museums and galleries on the online.  

In this exhibition, we will show the artworks by the gallery artists from not only old works but also the latest works that have just finished. Unlike the usual group exhibition, we will change the artworks flexibly during the exhibition period.

We update the artworks on our website, but we also open the gallery for the actual exhibition to experience the show. We hope it will be an opportunity to face the works, inflate imagination, and reconsider various think.

Like the Great Earthquake, this pandemic, which we have never experienced in Japan, cannot live with the same consciousness as before and will have to live in a new normal world in the future. It is hard to imagine how this situation has influenced each artist, but we will exhibit any artworks either reflecting the situation or not.


vol.1 : June 6 - 27, 2020 / Installation view

Yosuke Kobashi, Katsumi Hayakawa, Miwa Ishiba, Kotori Kawashima, Eisuke Sato, Shoko Fujimori, Naomi Okubo